Gentamicin Shots to Cure Vertigo, Drop Attacks and Tinnitus

On April 1st, I had my third Gentamicin shot pierced thru my left ear drum.

shot in ear drumGentamicin is a non-surgical way of killing all of the nerves in your inner ear which would ultimately kill the balance on your left side, leaving your right side to handle the balancing act of your body.

They said the third one is the charm. I’m really hoping this is the case, because the next step, if it doesn’t work is surgery.

Surgery to kill the nerves in your inner ear is rather radical. Most doctors don’t like to do it. My situation is called unique. Needless to say, I’m a little nervous about going thru surgery since this type of thing doesn’t happen often.

So, what’s it like to get a Gentamicin shot? Well, the first one hurt like a mother – f*ck##. The second one wasn’t so bad. The┬áthird one drew blood and am I am rather dizzy.

My neurologist made is clear to me that I HAD to do balancing exercises to train my brain and nerves to understand the fact that my left ear’s inner balance would no longer be available to take reservations or requests. There are several exercises he gave me to do, and to this date, I can only handle three of them. These three require me to keep my eyes open. The other three require me to keep my eyes closed, and I feel like I’m going to throw up.

Don’t be mistaken with Gentamicin shots in the ear and intravenous Gentamicin. Gentamicin shots do NOT hurt your organs, as opposed to the intravenous type which may provide long term, negative effects on your liver and kidneys.

So, I wait and do my exercises several times a day. I’ll be perfectly honest in saying that when I finish my exercises I feel pretty good…for about five minutes, and then the dizziness, or feeling “off” start happening again. But, the main objective is for me to not have vertigo or drop attacks. Thus far, since my last shot I have not had an attack of any nature.


My tinnitus is also gone. However, I did have a small “loud burst” this afternoon, but only lasted for about an hour.

Fingers crossed!!!

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